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Three Story Porch Re Build
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Rain and more rain

it has been a while since I have written anything new.  it is a Sunday morning and it seemed like a good time to write.

The rain seems to have affected all of us in the area.  For those flooded out, you are in my prayers.  if we can help[ you please call me.

Monday I am starting to repair flood problems at the Presbyterian Home on Middle
Settlement road in New Hartford.  it has necessitated I hire 4 men to finish the work.  Hopefully it will work out fine.

This last week Todd and I remodeled a small apartment in Stanwix Heights, just outside of the city of Rome.

Three Story Porch Re Build

I started a new three story porch rebuild today.

Spent all morning with my grandson tearing it down.  It is on Neilson St in Utica.

We are changing it to make it easier to build thus saving the landlord money.  It was rebuilt just 15 years ago and the problem with it was it was supposed to be built with pressure treated floor joists that were under sized.

it is an interesting project and you are welcome to drive by and look at our progress over the next 6 or 7 days.

it is located between James and the Parkway.

Saturday night

Here it is a Sat. night in April.  Watching the Nascar race in Richmond Va..

Reflecting on the week I just went through.  Was busy this week with several jobs.  In Rome, Utica and Clinton.

I love the variety.  No chance to get bored.

Framed a new bathroom on Friday as well as trimmed the inside of a new window.

Thursday, was in Rome cutting some furniture for a customer that was in the process of re dong some furniture.

I got my treasure washer out this week and am fixing the wheels.


As some of the people reading this know, my wife and I have three men we have adopted as children that have been diagnosied with autism.

We have two of them that still live with us.  One is thirty and one is 23.  The thirty year old is a sweet person that is no verbal that is so non violent that it is amazing.  he is what keeps Lorraine and I motivated to live as we do.

We will be happy to help anyone that is having trouble with their children.  We know it can be very frustrating at times.


After a busy week i am sitting at my computer writing on my blog.  Bored out of my mind!

Several fun jobs done this week include new railings, new entry door and new storm door.  This customer is a relatively new homeowner who I find as very pleasant to work for.

I have come to the conclusion that life is too short to work for people who I don't care for.

Short and sweet this week.



We celebrate Easter this Sunday.

As Christians we celebrate the rising from the dead of our lord Jesus.

I pray all is well with everyone.


March Madness

The most fun time of the year for me.  I love college basketball.

Last night I watched a good Syracuse team win against a team, Cal, that looked lost against he Syracuse zone.

Yes folks, I played college basketball back in the day.  Was not good enough to play D1 but had a good time playing for Houghton College

It is fun watching how talented the big men of today are verses when i played ball.  Huge difference.

Anyway, back to he games with a few minites to watch the nascar race today.

Replacement windowa

Vinyl replacement windows are key for people who have older windows that need to be replaced.  This can be a job that a person can do themselves or pay to have it done.

I have replaced over 1000 windows over the years.  This means I have seen and taken care of most problems that people encounter when replacing windows.  This experience means i have learned the best way to give a home the best winow work possible.

Unlike many in the business, I do not have to charge extra for salespeople to come into your house and give you estimates.

Sheet rock rapairs, march special

i just rolled out special march pricing on drywall repairs.

Here are the numbers

Holes up to 1x1'- 75$
Each additional-37.50$
2x2' -100$
Each additional 50$
3x3' -125$
Each additional -62.50$
4x4 -150$
Additionals- 75
Additionals- 87.50$
Additionals- 100$
Projects with over 3 patches charged at additional patch rate no matter
the size. So a 1x1 spot, a 2x2 and a 4x4 would cost 162.50$ completed in 1 day.
Plus 20% for materials

It seems I have had several calls lately so I developed a price sheet that all can read and understand


One of my favorite things to do is to install tile.  

Floor tile in basements seem to be taking off.  When tile is as inexpensive as it is now at Home Depot and Lowes, a lot of calls come in.

It dresses up basement floors and when you use area rugs on top to separate and define areas.

personally I like the looks of the 16" tile with minimum grout lines.  The problem is lippage or getting the tile to lay flat, something in basements it is near impossible to accomplish.

I have several different ways to keep tile as flat as possible.
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